Vaya Circo

Matilde, a restless little rascal not much more than four feet tall, enjoys turning good-natured and peaceful Romero upside down with her pranks and her crazy ideas, even though he is more than 6 feet tall and is three times her weight. The performance starts; Matilde keeps running wildly everywhere on stage, managing to leave Romero at the end of his rope, and in consequence, making the audience laugh. In this street performance show fun is guaranteed!

“What a circus” was premiered in 2005 and it is still in action, having done more than five hundred performances in around ten different countries … and situations.


  • Show: Vaya Circo
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Public: All audiences.
  • Scenic area: 6m large x 6m wide x 6m high (preferably, flat and plain).
  • Assembling: 30 min
  • Dismantling: 20 min.
  • Sound and Light: Circobaya has its own sound equipment (220 w required). Lightening should be provided for organization.
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